13 Aug 2008

Bath tubs and fish ponds

A bit of a garden update …. I’ve planted dichondra between all the paving stones and also also put it down in a few places as a no-mow, low traffic lawn.

A bit of greenery to give the illusion of ‘cool’ – and it’s coming on a treat. I got some of the seeds started in flat trays a month or so ago, and have planted out little tufts of it – so hopefully before long it will cover completely. I’m really enjoying pottering around out there.

And I’ve got a few other bits and pieces in – including a border of lettuce – quick (albeit temporary) cover AND salad at hand.

And then there will be the fish-pond. I’ve always had fish ponds where possible – in Perth I had two in the back yard. One was a monster I dug and lined with heavy-duty plastic. The other was the old bath tub from the bathroom upgrade, sunk into the ground. Easy to dig in the Perth sand – impossible here with the clay and rock of the courtyard.

However, it’s ironic that again I have a bath tub that I’m going to use as a fish pond - and it’s a beauty!

I’ve been looking around for ages, and was nearly resigned to buying a boring pre-formed rectangular plastic one that I’d have to disguise with rocks and/or plants, when I stumbled upon this at a brico in Beziers. So this will be an above-ground feature. But better still, I managed to negotiate the price down to exactly what the plastic one would have cost!

I wanted to take a photo of it heading out of the shop on the trolly and asked Msr. to stop – and he asked if I wanted him in the bath for the photo. Well, yes! I said - he climbs in, and here he is looking happy as a sandboy!

So, my next project is to level off a bed of sand to put it on, and get it stocked with water plants, etc. I always knew I was going to put a fish pond in the courtyard somewhere, so during construction I asked the electrician put a power lead out near the verandah for the pump/filter.

And for a little reminder of my happy years in Scotland, with a with a splash of blue and white paint on the sides, I could have my very own saltire!

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