9 Aug 2011

Water jousting on the Canal

Each year, there is jousting held on the Canal du Midi at Sallèles-d'Aude, 15 minutes from here. 

I tried to go 3 years ago, but got the times wrong and missed it all. The last two years, it’s been on the same Sunday as Bize’s own Olive Festival. This year it was a week after, and I made it at last.

The boats are brought up from Sète, where water jousting has been a tradition since 1666. They have their big festivals in July and August, but take time out to come up to the Canal for a day of jousting. 

Given the quality of the water in the Canal (!), I know where I’d prefer taking a dive….

The place was crowded – canal-side markets, food stalls, a huge vide-grenier winding through the streets, and thousands of people. But I managed to get a good position on the other side of the safety rail.  

At least I wasn’t the only one with legs hanging over into the canal – and it certainly did afford a great front-row view.

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