20 Jul 2009

Hot time in the old town . . . .

….. last night.

It was the annual Olive Festival – Fête de l'Olivier à Bize Minervois 2009! How quickly it seems to have come around again. And the crowds came again in huge numbers. It was a very social time in the village – and our evening didn’t wind up until very late.

We did give Nic and Duff’s house a test for the evening – given that the bands set up directly outside the windows! They’re pretty sure that next year, they’ll be making plans to spend these nights away ….

A selection of photos and videos from the day – most of them from either the roof terrace or one of the windows …. Things look quite different from this perspective!

The aioli-making competition

The roof tops / view from the roof terrace

Fireworks viewed from the roof terrace (a little weeding to be done…)

The band that played until 2am!

Banner in the small square in front of the church
(where all the wine producers set up their stalls)

Speaking of wine producers – here are Vincent and Brigitte Enaud who have the domain Monastrel right here in Bize. And here’s something funny – the bottle of rose that Brigitte is holding is from the vintage that we did a bit of grape picking for last year.
So we may have picked the very grapes that are in this bottle! Regardless, we took some home and would like to think they’re ‘our’ grapes we’ll be drinking!

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