21 Feb 2013

Irises in the garden

Signs of spring in the garden – a lone snowdrop flowering at the right time. And all my irises flowering several months too early following a very mild winter! Shouldn’t become complacent in thinking winter’s over though - a little snow is forecast for the weekend ….

14 Feb 2013

Truffle trip

I ventured south to the Corbieres to visit a truffle fair in the village of Lesquerde last weekend. I’d read that at 11.30 there would be a truffle dog demonstration. 

On arrival, things were pretty quiet and after enquiring, was told that it was a poor year for truffles, that just a few had been sold earlier and they knew nothing about a truffle dog! Not to worry, a few nice market stalls, including the biggest pot of stewed snails I’ve ever seen. 

And the scenery was magnificant, good views of the snow-covered Pyrenees, a drive past the Cathar castle ‘Queribus’ and a scenic if rather longer than expected drive back through the Corbieres themselves. 

6 Feb 2013

Old doors

A year or so ago, I took a photo of this interesting old door of a small building at the edge of a vineyard near the Château de Sériège. Yesterday, we repeated the same walk and I see it’s a case of ‘out with the old and in with the new’.

Moving sideways

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