28 Dec 2012

Christmas 2012

It’s been a busy and very enjoyable last couple of weeks. Paul and Amanda arrived on 23rd December and we had a beaut family Christmas at my place (with the capon which was delicious….) and with Nic and the three kids. Also tested out the Noilly Prat I’d bought a few weeks earlier, with one of the suggested cocktails – a “Marseillanaise” – half white and half red. Delicious. Needless to say, there has been much eating and drinking and getting out and about in the incredibly fine weather we’ve been having here. Day after day of clear blue skies and mild temperatures. Hopefully to continue……

24 Dec 2012

Pasta making

A few nights ago, a pasta-making night with Nic and the kids using their new pasta machine. And it was certainly deemed a success - meat ravioli with sage butter, and a spinach lasagna. It did take rather a long time, even with many hands on deck, but it was certainly worth the wait.

23 Dec 2012

Bize Christmas Market

For the first time (since I’ve been here), Bize had a Christmas market down on the promenade. Weather was surprisingly mild, and we were treated to a wonderful sunset which looks pretty amazing through the glitzy plane trees.

16 Dec 2012

Foire au gras – Rieux Minervois

At this time of year, there are numerous ‘foire au gras’ (Fat Fairs!) held in the region, and yesterday for the first time I went to the one held in Rieux Minervois. Lots of local produce to be had, and all types of christmas poultry – turkeys, capons (which I’m going to try this year) and duck. In fact the star of the show is the duck and the fois gras. I know its production is controversial, but it is still very much a tradition here and it was rather interesting to see the skilled butchers at work. Photos not for the squeamish...

14 Dec 2012

Christmas decorations

My Christmas decorations are up 365 days of the year – a silver Scottish pine cone that lives around the neck of my little wooden kangaroo. 

And this year I was beginning to wonder whether the village decorations were going to be just as meagre. But no, just a little late this year. However they seemed to have pulled out all the stops, including installing a real pine tree down on the promenade. As of last night, it hadn’t yet been decorated, but I'm expecting great things.....

Moving sideways

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