25 Feb 2007

Fetes and Fairs

Saturday was busy – the small village of La Caunette (10 kilometres from Bize) holds the Fête de la Bigarade (festival of the bitter orange) every year. Lots of different types of citrus trees and other plants on sale, and I had intended to buy a lime tree. But came away with something from ‘the auld country’ …. a gum tree! A swamp mahogany no less - eucalyptus robusta – grows to a rather lofty 20 metres, as the name suggests! But as it will always be in a pot, it won’t be a problem and certainly won’t get anywhere near that size [she says hopefully….].

Note the almond tree growing out of the rock, in blossom, in the picture above.
And then there was a brass band and a parade.

Back to Bize for the 3 o’clock procession that had been cancelled from the previous weekend’s carnaval. And what a sight it was – seen from prime seats at the bar on the corner.

The driver of this, the lead float, apparently used to be the village baker - gone on to bigger and better things!

And 'Jacques Chirac' [alias Miki] riding stagecoach ...
TinTin theme ...

And the Bize Liberation Front - not as sinister as it looks. I missed getting a photo of the action - the BLF fighting off the Crusaders!

The grande finale is when the main float is taken down to the [mostly] dry river bed and torched!

Moving sideways

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