11 Mar 2007

Troisième âge

I joined the village club of Troisième âge the other day – literally ‘Third Age’. That’s Senior Citizens to us! Only requirement is that you’re over 50, and I fit the bill. June suggested I join so that I could go on the weekly walks, and get a free French lesson – as no one speaks English except one person – and that’s only a few words.

And then
June rings on Friday to tell me there’s a big lunch on at the village hall on Saturday, and I should go – I’ll meet some of the people I’ll be walking with. And only 15 euros for members. And what an afternoon it was. Here we are – invited to sit at the President’s table no less. This seemed to mean we got preferential treatment – we were served first at every course!
And the food – well, there were five courses. A selection of cold meats to start, followed by salad, then followed by strips of cuttlefish. After that, sorbet made nearly entirely of eau de vie which was so powerful I had to give it a miss. But I’ll tell you what, I’m pretty sure I was the only person in a room of about 125 who didn’t knock it back! And then the main course of rabbit with a mustard cream sauce and layered potatoes. More salad. Then cheese. Then a large serve of dessert. And the alcohol – well it started with kir at midday, then rosé, white or red wine. Champagne with the sweets, then eau de vie. And really, more of any of the above that you wanted. These village folk really do lunch in a big way, it didn’t even start to wind down until 5pm. Fortunately it’s only about 40 metres to my front door, so I didn’t have far to stagger home.
Oh and there was a two piece band, and much singing and dancing. And yes, I did get twirled around the dance floor a few times – protestations were useless so I gave in. And I was sitting at the table with some of the people who go walking, so Tuesday shouldn’t be too daunting.
And just for fun - an interesting display I came across in a supermarket the other day, made entirely of dried garlic!

Moving sideways

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