1 Apr 2007


It’s been a busy week – George and Izzy from Edinburgh have been visiting. They flew into Perpignan, did a trip into Spain to visit to Dali Museum at Figueres and stayed a few nights in the Corbieres in a stunning chateau!
They were only here for three full days but we managed to fit in quite a bit – Olonzac for the Tuesday morning markets, a full day in Carcassonne which included a visit to La Cité, and then down to Narbonne to visit the big street market and indoor food hall. Returned via Colombiers where we visited the Oppidum of Enserune, a pre-Roman site on top of a hill. The best bit was the amazing view over the Montady Lake, which was drained off in the 13th century by canals linked to a central sump.
An interesting ‘sat nav experience’ getting home. I apparently wasn’t paying close enough attention when I told it to take us home. Nothing felt right with the route we were taking, but figured it would get us back on track eventually.
Well it was the most amazing trip home – we ended up in the Black Mountains, as far north as St Chinian, when in fact our route should have taken us on a pretty well straight line, due west. No harm done – just arrived home quite a bit later than expected! And there were lots of laughs (verging on nervous giggles on my part) as we realised just how far off track we were! However the upside was that we saw lots of lovely countryside and some villages that we would not have otherwise seen – finally arriving back into Bize-Minervois from the north!
Here's a few photos of La Cité in Carcassonne:
... and in a sweet shop ...
Oh, we did find time for a little wine tasting at L'Herbe Sainte at the edge of the village of Mirepeisset about 6 kilometres from here.
And bought not only a nice range of bottles, but also went out into the barn and tasted direct from the vats. I bought five litres for 6.5 euros then straight back home and into bottles!

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