24 May 2007

A special thank you

On the Saturday before Sylvia and Sandy departed, we had a fabulous dinner at the restaurant l'Auberge de la Croisade about 8 kilometres from here. And this dinner was made possible by an old acquaintance of ours in Perth (W.A.) who decided that three old friends should have a memorable meal together in France – and memorable it was indeed.
We chose a set menu - seven courses. Surprisingly two of us managed six of them (had to miss out on the cheese course), and one managed all seven! - a stirling effort. It was an unforgettable meal – so I’ll list the courses and the dishes we chose, and just say that each and every course was delicious and faultless.
An Amuse-Bouche (Little Bites That Delight Before the Meal Begins!): in this case, a small bowl of mushroom soup.
Starter: smoked salmon mouse on warm potato cakes with asparagus.
Fish course: a white fish in filo parcels with a pesto sauce.
Sorbet: sweet basil flavoured
Main: (i) Fillet steak (ii) fillet of pork – both with garlic mash and vegetables
Cheese: assortment
Sweets: (i) Crème caramel (ii) bowl of ice creams and sorbets
And then to finish, we had liqueurs and they were served with bonbons! Like we needed them ….
A very big thank you for a wonderful meal and night out.
But it’s interesting that when the food is served over the evening, and each course is a manageable size, that you don’t feel overly full at the end. Having said that, I still find it surprising when I see tiny French women the size of sparrows, putting away HUGE meals and many courses, and thinking nothing of it. I just don’t quite get it.
And here we are, onto the coffee and liqueurs. Not one of us remotely like a sparrow, but having a damn fine time.

We managed a trip through to Montpellier – a beautiful city and a nice day out. There is a little tourist train operating in the Place de la Comedie in the summer months, and we jumped on and had a 30 minute tour of the sights – a good deal.

And shopping heaven for everyone but me – who hates shopping. In this case though, window shopping only.

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