18 Sept 2007

La Vendange

The grape harvest is well and truly upon us – this year it commenced a full two weeks earlier than usual because of the warm April and mild summer. So the roads and village streets are very busy with the tractors pulling their trailers of grapes, leaving trails of juice and squished grapes, all heading to the vats to be turned into nice little drops of something or other …. A very busy time for all involved, not least of all us end users doing our bit.
I’ve taken a few photos of a pretty vineyard at its various stages during the year - it’s on the outskirts of Bize, with a backdrop of lovely limestone cliffs. I was going to wait until I had one with the leaves turned red, before pruning, but figured the vendange was the right time to post them.

I took my visitors to the wine cave in Ginestas where I get my bulk wine – and saw this lovely bottle arrangement through the door at the end of the building.

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