7 Jan 2008

Building progress

A few pictures of the progress on the barn building up to the Christmas break. Although it’s now into January, the builders haven’t yet re-appeared, so hopefully they put in an appearance soon!

The upstairs balcony on the main house, now about two thirds original size:

And looking back at the house:

Before Christmas, the village walking group held a lunch at a beaut restaurant up in the hills. After a lovely meal, Illyette just happened to have bags of costumes with her, and some of us were lucky enough to dress up in traditional garb of other countries. It was lucky dip – I got “Miss Congo” and Illyette (on the right) got “Miss Senegal”. This lot love a dress-up .....

Sandra (Miss Egypt) and Jacques (Mr India) !!

Edgar drew the short straw – Miss France:

However, it wasn’t only a lunch – Illyette and Claude celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in style – with Illyette wearing her original dress and cape – the birthday hat with candles however was NOT part of the original ……
There was also a repeat wedding ceremony – with lots of laughs - and Jacques relishing playing the part of the priest….
And a few winter pictures of the village: Mist on the river …
And a vide grenier held mid-December:

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