12 Aug 2008

Secret river swimming

…. and under threat of death, my lips are sealed!

Seriously though - even if I wanted to spread the word, it’s well and truly off the beaten track and I probably couldn’t retrace my steps there again anyway. But I can say it’s on the River Orb and it’s up in the Black Mountains a bit.

So with the Family Bowditch, I spent a lovely afternoon of river swimming and an evening picnic. The water wasn’t as cold as our very own River Cesse here in Bize and made for fabulous swimming. Interestingly, stretches of the Cesse up-river appear dry in the warmer months, but in fact what’s happened is that the river has gone underground. And so when it re-surfaces further downstream, the water is rather ‘fresh’. Very invigorating on a hot day, that’s for sure.

Being a hot day, there were a few locals and visitors about, but we were prepared – a small blow-up boat to take all our goodies to the other side of the river to a quiet pebbled area with hardly anyone in sight.

Soooo easy going downstream with the strong current – much more tricky getting it back! And it was a good thing we had it – there was a bit of drama in the afternoon when a young boy called out for help – he’d dislocated his shoulder – and it doubled as a raft to take him back up-river.
So sadly not a great afternoon for everyone, but the pompiers were called on someone’s mobile so hopefully all went well for him after that.

The scenery was magic – like something out of a movie – and of course there was a perfect diving rock into a deep pool. And here’s David doing just that!

Miki and Camilla - washing up duties

And the trip back - at dusk - to the other side of the river, against the current ….

What a magical place!

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