13 Oct 2012


Yes, really. Down in the forests of the Ferguson Valley..... I’d not heard of either the Ferguson Valley or Gnomesville. I spent a few days with my cousins in Bunbury and they took me out for a drive to the Valley, which is pretty well on their doorstep. Wineries, restaurants, cottage industries, orchards, dairy and beef industry and beautiful scenery all around.

There are several stories as to how gnomesville started, but nobody really knows. It’s just in a piece of bush near a roundabout on a country road. There are now thousands of them from all over Australia and across the world - scattered on pathways, on logs, in groups and separate.

Besides a beautiful day out, it was a lovely stay for a couple of days in Bunbury with the last night Colin cooking up some Confit de Canard  - one of three tins I’d squeezed into my luggage coming from France. Delicious.

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