23 May 2013

Bea and Michel’s 70th birthday

I felt very privileged on the weekend to have been invited to some French friends’ joint 70th birthday. I was the only non-French person there but fortunately all three of my students (English classes) were there so that made things a little easier. Especially as it started at noon, and went through until 11.45pm. I wasn’t prepared for that, but it was a great day.

It was held in the wine domaine Saint Michel Archange in the heart of the village. The food unsurprisingly was delicious. Aperitifs and nibbles (by which time I was feeling like I’d had a meal), then a FIVE course lunch which went on to about 4pm … a 1 hour break when the local librarian/historian took a group of us on a really informative walking tour of Bize. And then back for dinner.

I inwardly groaned at the thought of more food but was told it was only going to be a ‘light’ meal …. just salads, cold roast pork, and dessert. deargod…….

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