21 Mar 2013


A spur of the moment decision early in the year – I booked myself a two-week trip to Ethiopia. It was an organised trip with a small group of 10. What an incredible and fascinating country. I loved it – despite the fact that it was hot, dusty, hectic and I had the worst two weeks of insomnia of my life! But all the positives – landscape, culture, people, wildlife – made it a really enjoyable experience. Sadly I bought back more than memories and photos – scabies! Yuk … I thought it was just the remnants of the flea bites (in the churches!) but no.... no such luck. So I’ve done a thorough spring clean (me and the house), medicated and thoroughly lotioned …. hopefully soon to be itch-free. I took literally hundreds of photos and have included some of my favourites here.



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