29 Apr 2013

Feria at Azille

And the last evening we were off to Azille, a village about 20 minutes from here. Every year there is a 3-day “Feria” – a Spanish-style fair. There’s no bull-fighting as such, but the riders (known as the ‘gardians’) are from The Camargue, with their famous white horses and black bulls.

It’s a demonstration of their skills and the bulls are released from the backs of trucks and ‘coralled’ along the main street by the riders. I’d never attended a feria before, so it was all new and exciting for me too.

There were the resident ‘yobs’ who appear to be fairly fueled with alcohol who try to grab the bull’s tail as it passes by, and inevitably get trampled and tossed about. Health and safety is a little different here……….. While we the spectators were safely behind barricades, the tail-pullers were actively encouraged by the guy in charge with the microphone!

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