18 Apr 2013

Les Causses

A walk along the plateaus at Barroubio, above the River Cesse near St Jean de Minervois on Tuesday – the hottest day of the year so far. Down into the gorges, and then up again. One woman fainted – thin/French (it definitely wasn’t me) …. nothing to eat all day and had not taken any water.

As usual, the scenery was spectacular and a lot of the wildflowers and orchids are out. At the end, we did some wine tasting at a vigneron’s cave from St John de Minervois. The region is famous for its sweet muscat and I never would have thought I’d develop a taste for it, but it’s delicious. We certainly felt we’d earned it that day ….

Next week is the first walk/picnic of the year and I'll have a full house. My friend Anita (from Perth) and her book club arrive on Monday, and I'll be the driver/guide for a week!

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