22 Jun 2013

St Martin chapel

A heritage club has recently been formed in Bize - “Bize Patrimoine” – and the members and volunteers have been working on various historic sites around the village. The most recent project was the clearing and partially reconstruction of the ruins of the Saint-Martin chapel which dates back to the 5th century.

To celebrate the progress, the group organised a bbq for on the site, with sausages and wine provided, all for €3! This was a special treat indeed. Robert, our village butcher who retired recently, can be persuaded to make his delicious sausages for special occasions, using his secret fifth generation recipe. And this was just such an occasion.

The work done on the chapel so far is impressive, and the inauguration day was certainly a success, with a good turnout from the village.

Weather was gorgeous – lots of food (starters and desserts) were brought by everyone for sharing, and yet another day of feasting and making merry……

And as often happens at these events, a burst of song - in this case a traditional Occitan number....

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