10 Aug 2007

The family arrive

Nic and the kids (Morgan, Sage, Indigo, and Laurence – Morgan’s friend) arrived on Monday. So it’s been a full house and busy busy busy. Though today is a day of staying in Bize, packing up the car ready to head off to Spain tomorrow. Not in my little wagon of course – in Nic's hire car that seats seven. And as there are six of us, we don’t get much space for luggage. So we’re all restricted to a plastic shopping bag each! Nic’s booked an apartment not too far over the border, close to where they holidayed two years ago. Weather forecast is for mid to high 20s – perfect.
So far we’ve done a trip to Olonzac markets on Tuesday (raining and forgot the umbrellas so didn’t stay long!), trip to Minerve and the obligatory day trip through to Carcassonne to visit La Cité. Best avoided in August if possible, but of course it’s something we had to take the kids to even though Nic and I made a quick visit in September last year when we were house-hunting.
The younger kids are loving the independence they can have in the village – being able to go out and wander around all by themselves! Down to the river, around the little streets, to the tabac, bakery and general store to buy bits and pieces. They also seem to have a fascination with the cats here – not sure why – nothing out of the ordinary, just moggies! But we get excited reports back on which ones they’ve seen again.
And I seem to have been able to rope them into a chore they’re tackling with great enthusiasm. A little rough around the edges but I reckon by the end of their stay, they’ll be spot on.


Morgan and Laurence 'hanging out'.
Indigo and Sage, at the School Museum at La Cité.

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