23 Nov 2007

A very big crane

They certainly brought in the big guns to move the beams of the roof. It was a huge crane that turned up the other morning from Narbonne – blocking off the street to the school for the whole morning. The community policeman even turned up to help divert the traffic! The builders had obtained permission to take the crane into the vacant block of land that backs onto the barn. But it was too wide to get through the opening in the stone wall.

Fortunately it was big enough to reach over next door’s property and do the lifting of the beams from the street. One of the beams was not in good condition and had to go, and another from the front was being used to replace it. Certainly had the townsfolk out and about having a look at the goings-on.

The first floor is down, precast reinforced beams in place, and a fresh batch of cement poured.

The walls of the first floor take shape, and the roof lining goes on.

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Anonymous said...

Hey!!! DEB!!!
When I saw the pictures, I thought you were going to build a new World Trade Center in Bize Minervois! hehehe
Best wishes, merry christmas and happy New Year

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