13 Nov 2007

Autumn colours

Having now spent nearly a full year in France, I’ve decided that autumn is definitely my favourite season! The colours of the vines – different shades of the different varieties – are just stunning. And of course all the other trees and plants are changing colour, too.

The photos can hardly do justice; however I’ve taken a lot and am posting a few of my favourites here.

This is taken standing on the bridge in Bize, looking down-river.

The weather has been amazing – hardly any rain at all, and none forecast. Not a good thing for the area – the River Cesse in Bize is scarcely a trickle and the river bed is as dry as it was at the height of summer. This is again taken from the bridge, looking back the other way. The swimming pool wall is still intact - normally by now the waters would have washed away the dam wall.

This is looking down on Bize from the Pech:
Looking down the Valley of the Cesse, again from the Pech.

There was another chestnut festival, just a week after the one in St. Pons. This time in the village of Olargues – again up in the Black Mountains. And the drive up there was beautiful:

And more chestnut market / fete photos:

But this was a little different in that there was a group of Frenchmen in Kilts - a Scottish pipe band was there for the celebrations! They’re called the Claymor Clan and are based in

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