23 Feb 2008

Barn progress

Now that the main walls and floors are in, things are happening quite fast. The windows and doors are in, the cement render is on the front walls -
…. the air conditioning is being installed -
…. roof insulation is in –
…. the electrician has started the wiring -
And the yard is a mess!
Once the building is finished, that is the next project to crack on with ….. turn a very muddy and dug-up area into something wonderful! Well, perhaps I’m aiming a little high here … but whatever I do will be a vast improvement on the quagmire it is now.
Oh, and the garage is still dug up….. but this too will soon be sorted.
Over all, things have gone relatively smoothly – a few hiccups and delays – but nothing major. Speaking to people who have undertaken similar projects, it seems I’ve been pretty fortunate. An interesting trip through to Ikea in Montpellier recently – picking up flat packs of bathroom furniture and fittings, and also an extractor fan for the kitchen. My little car certainly does a good job – it was loaded to the gunnels, with a particularly long pack reaching from the back window, through the front seats and finishing up touching the rear vision mirror. A tight fit indeed, and me worrying if I had to hit the skids, it would shoot straight through the windscreen. But an uneventful, albeit rather slow trip home.
The kitchen I’ve ordered from a place in Narbonne, but that also needs to be collected from Montpellier and it’s too much for my car. But as Sandra’s husband Patrick will be doing the installation, he is going to go through next week to pick it up.
So, full steam ahead here – and hopefully I’ll be moved in some time in April, or perhaps early May.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Muddie,
Well you sure have ben busy. The Barn is looking good.I am not quiet sure if you are on one long entertainment junket, or if there is any work involved.It all looks like a lot of fun, the king in all is finery, and Snow White, well both had their reasons I am sure.Blonde isnt your colour, but the mask did the trick.


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