5 May 2008

Painting, painting and more painting

Guess that says it all really – that’s what’s been happening this last week or so. Walls, ceilings, staircase, doors and door frames. I swore many years ago that I would never do any more painting of houses. Famous last words – I think I’ve painted just about every place I’ve lived in since! It just isn’t one of my favourite jobs – let me loose in the garden any day.
I was actually feeling more than a little daunted about what was ahead of me – but a saviour in the form of my friend Caroline, from the village of Mailhac – came to my rescue. She kindly offered to come over and give me a hand and reckoned if we gave it ‘what for’, we’d break the back of it. What a star – she helped me every single day for a week – and we certainly got a whole lot done. Set up the old boom-box on an extension lead from the garage, played lots of music I hadn't heard for a long time and painted our hearts out. A great moral boost – merci mille fois to Caroline who helped me when I was feeling a little down.
So, all going well – I should be moving in within two or three weeks. Electricity has just been connected – I need to contact French Telecom to sort out the phone line.
Any day soon, plumbing will be complete and there will be water. Perhaps a couple of weeks is optimistic – but I don’t have far to move! And no rush as my first house rental isn't for a few months.

I don’t really have any different pictures of progress at the moment. The only difference since my last post is that the cardboard-coloured plasterboard seen in the photo above is now white. Well, actually I wish that was true – unfortunately it’s looking like most of the walls will need a third coat of white paint. Oh joy…

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Anonymous said...

Hi my friend! It has been a long time I do not take a look on your bytes and it is just amazing the progress you had achieved, and Caroline looks great painting made me remember when I was helping you! lol if you need some help with painting, you can count on me! lol
see you and congradulation your blog is just amazing!
see you

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