17 Jul 2009

New House

No, not mine - I feel I’m still settling into my new abode. It’s Nic and Duff’s house – they have bought a house right in the heart of the village, down near the river and are currently in the process of moving out of the gite.
So there’s been a frantic bit of painting and cleaning going on in the last couple of weeks.

And between swimming and playing, the kids have lent a helping hand too.

The house will be great when it’s been done up. It’s liveable now, but down the track when it’s had the renovations done to it, it will be fantastic. The windows look out onto the river, and the roof terrace has fantastic views across the village and the hills.

The view looking down at the market on the Promenade

The village dentist has his surgery on the ground floor, and is to stay there for a further two years - which makes things interesting at times.

The other day, Nic was going in the front door when one of the old ladies of the village handed her a clear plastic bag containing the casts for her dentures and asked her to hang them on the door knob of the surgery door ……… and only too pleased to oblige of course!

Now, they know it’s going to be noisy at times, because it really is in the thick of things down there near the bar – and the promenade is where everything happens. But it’s only a few times a year that there are big events in the village that go on until all hours.

It just happens that now is about the time where things are happening! And the front balcony is a perfect position to see all the goings-on.

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