17 Jul 2009

River things

Much of what happens in the village involves the beautiful River Cesse – the pool, the swimming in summer, the Cavalcade in February, the 14th July fireworks and the motorbike event.

A few weeks ago, the machines started work on deepening the pool and building up the dam wall – at the same time the dirt mound was being built for the motocross event.

The water is pretty muddy and stirred up here, but several hours after they’d finished, it was back to its normal crystal clear state.

The freestyle motorbike night was held on the 13th July and we had a beaut view from the front balcony of Nic and Duff’s new house overlooking the promenade – and managed to get a pretty good view of the jumps through the plane trees.

I got lots of shots of the single riders earlier in the event, but as the evening progressed, I was finding it increasingly difficult to juggle the camera and my glass of wine - and the wine won out.

Hence, no shots later when there were two bike riders jumping in unison, and doing complete somersaults in the air. Must do better next year. It was pretty amazing stuff.

This is the third year it’s been held, and each year the crowds are bigger – seems like it’s going to become a very popular event. There were thousands here!

Indigo managed to get an autograph on her arm from one of the young stunt riders – much to her delight. And to the amusement of all – when she woke the next morning, she’d slept on her hand and transferred it onto the side of her face!

The night before was a band set up under the trees, opposite the bar. And we did while away a few hours there in the evening. The kids did much better than us though – they were up on the stage dancing with other kids until midnight! The village is absolutely hopping at the moment.

And then of course there were the 14th July celebrations which are celebrated in just about every village. Each year here in Bize, there’s live music, a meal on the promenade and fireworks down in the river.
The fireworks set up with the "Bize 2009" display
across the river - the motorcross mound on
the dry riverbed in the foreground

A very good time was had by all …..

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