28 Sept 2009

Olive grove Sunday

Last Sunday – grapes. This Sunday afternoon a visit to a small olive grove that belongs to friends Denis and Samira.

Just on the edge of the village, in the middle of a field down near the river. Idyllic – warm autumn afternoon – a bit of a lay-about in the hammock.

They’re busy clearing the undergrowth from around the bases of the olive trees – and because I wasn’t wearing suitable clothing, I was excused from helping with the work (!) but it was an excuse for us sit around for a while and chat – and watch the little stray kitten that seems to have adopted them.

Denis has constructed a small shack there amongst the olive trees – with all the comforts you could possibly want. The hammock, bbq, swing seat, and upstairs a little living area.

It’s their little ‘getaway’ from the buzzing metropolis of Bize!

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