21 Oct 2009


Each year, the village group do long-ish trip to another country, and then later in the year a shorter break to somewhere relatively close by. And last week, the short trip was across to Provence for 5 days.

Now even though I’ve visited a few times, each time was either a quick visit or just passing through, and I hadn’t really seen a great deal of the countryside or villages.

So, needless to say, it was a very busy few days, staying in the same hotel in the lovely coastal town of Sainte Maxime for four nights, and heading out in a different direction each day.

The company – as always – was convivial, and the weather was stunning. However, there was one day when we had a real taste of the infamous Mistral wind, but not bad enough to interfere with our day’s plans.

So what follows here is really a few ‘holiday snaps’ and video clips. I’m getting a bit behind the eight-ball with these posts, and have a few more to write up!

Street name - Rompecul (or rompe cul) literally means
'break your backside' - to put it politely - and
is the name of the street in the photo above .....
This little boulangerie is actually in the village
of Olonzac, 10 mins from here - but just thought
I'd include it as it's such a great little shop.

How to lose 'street cred' when mooring
your boat near St Tropez ....
Port Grimaud
Gorges du Verdon (this great photo is from
Wikipedia - mine didn't turn out anywhere near
as good, and didn't do the scenery justice).

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