27 Oct 2009

The Scots were in town . . . .

I’ve just had a visit from my Scottish friends Jane and Neil. This is their second visit – they were here back in April 2007. They’re now back in Bonnie Scotland with instructions not to leave it such a long time between visits.

A few trips out and about – the Millau Bridge (failed to take any photos this time!) and a side trip to Roquefort where we bought – yes – blue cheeses!

We also managed to get to the medieval village of Mirepoix where the annual apple festival was being held. Each year there are sculptures made of apples, and this year the theme was 'music'.

Jane and I tried the most divine freshly squeezed apple juice, Neil preferring to take his fermented (cider) and then watched the apples being pressed the old-fashioned way.

And interestingly, there was also a bit of line dancing / boot scooting happening which kept us amused for a while!

Because we're having a run of beautiful weather – very warm for October – we decided to do a BBQ and have the family and a few friends around.

It was also a chance to say farewell to a few of those friends who are (fortunately temporarily) departing la belle France – Bonnie and Terry from the nearby village of Agel who have now left for States for a few months; Bernie and Shayne from Capestang who are soon headed back to Australia for a spell, and Duff who is returning to Algeria for his 4-weekly work rotation.
One loaf, with plenty left over for the freezer!

Now, Neil and Jane are the sort of guests who are not only great company, but are damned fine hands in the kitchen. They made hosting the bbq for 13 people a veritable doddle.

And here they are amongst the smoke – looking after the cooking side of things. And Neil’s overnight-marinated pieces of foil-wrapped salmon were a huge success.

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