21 Jul 2010

Summer events in Bize

So while I’d been keeping a low profile and not doing a lot, Bize was at the height of its summer events season. One thing after another really – starting off with the annual freestyle motorbike event, held on the dry river bed and using the purpose-built dirt mound.

This year, there were quite a few temporary bars and stands set up at the edges of the river - this event is becoming quite a drawcard for the town.

Then the following day – Bastille Day / 14th July celebrations, followed by fireworks at the river.  

And then on the 18th, the BIG event of the year – the Olive Festival. Again, thousands turned up and it was a beaut day. 

All the usual stalls, ethnic dancers and singers, and lots of food and drink, followed by a long night of bands / very loud music.
The annual aioli-making competition

The judging table
 Yawns / long day!
And now the village has returned to normal (for this time of year) – lots of holiday makers here for the school / summer holidays, enjoying the hot weather and making good use of the pool at the river.

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