31 May 2011

Frog be gone . . . . .

The nights of this little guy keeping me awake are over!

It’s one of the two that the kids caught in the river over two years ago and released into the pond. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but one of them survived – hibernating each winter – and has reappeared the last two summers in fine voice. 

The noise that comes out of him is something else. In the warm weather I have the upstairs doors open, but recently have had to sleep with earplugs because of his incessant loud croaking.

So last night as I came home from a late evening out, I nearly stepped on him. I saw him at the last minute on the pathway in the light from the veranda – grabbed the net that I had handy next to the pond and put it over him as he made a dash for it into the dichondra. 

I’ve had the net by the pond over the last couple of days and have had some fairly spectacular failures when trying to catch him – only managing to stir things up, disturb the fish and mangle the plants.

Anyway, his days of wine and roses in my little garden are up – and he’s now been released into the river to compete with all the rest of the wildlife there. Perhaps he’ll end up as a fine meal for one of those little river snakes?

But I’m sure he’s delighted to be there, especially after spending an uncomfortable night in a glass jar in my kitchen ……

.... and here's his big moment - back into the river ……

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