5 Jul 2011

Update on the River Cesse

Sadly, the river is no longer as beautiful as it was a few months ago. The motocross is indeed going ahead next week on the riverbed and here is what it looks like at the moment.

Lots of the stones have been taken away, and I’ve yet to find out whether they’ll be put back in place once the gravel mound has been removed after the event …. I certainly hope so. In previous years the flattened gravel has been left, a good bed for the weeds.

The upside of the river story is that the swimming pool has been re-created – as it is every year at this time. 

The work was only done yesterday. Deepened, re-shaped, a new pebbled 'beach' created to replace the one that was washed away in the flood, a new dam wall. 

Et, voila!  

New pool for the summer, already being used today by holiday makers, and of course the locals…… 

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