5 Jul 2011

Vide greniers

One of the (many) great things about living in France is the vide-grenier - literally ‘empty attic’. 

They're held every weekend all over the country and there’s always one at a village within a short drive of Bize – with Bize itself having two or three of its own each year, held at the boules ground.

This weekend there was one at Cuxac, in the grounds of the Château de la Bourgade which is now a retirement home. 

Given that it was a warm day, it was great that most of the stalls were in the shade of the trees in the grounds. 

And it was a particularly successful day for all of us!

I went along with la famille Bowditch – and the ‘shopping list’ was:
  • bedside table
  • bedside lamp
  • jumper leads
  • large cooking pot with lid
  • door hooks

What we actually came away with, between us, was:
  • double sheet
  • a rather ‘suspect’ orange hanging ornament (sorry Miki – perhaps it’ll look better in situ….)
  • pillow
  • electric fan
  • a very big picture for the bedroom wall of David and Camilla's grand daughter, so big that one back seat of my car had to go down
  • butter dish
  • sweater
  • picture frame
  • door hooks ! (on the list ............)
With the spoils .....

And below – a few photos I’ve taken of various vide-greniers at different times of the year. There are always many weird and wonderful items and I rarely walk away empty handed. 

The beautiful monogrammed linen and/or cotton bedsheets

Yep - a gun belt. I would hope empty cartridges .... I don't think you can buy ammunition at vide greniers, even in France.

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