29 Aug 2012

Bize Bytes - moving to Google+

I’ve been absent from this blog for some time for various reasons, and have now decided to pick it up again, but to do it a little differently. I’m not really a fan of Facebook, but am going to have a crack at Google+ which I’m still learning about. And I think I will find it easier to post more frequently and perhaps just shorter snippets of bits and pieces. Especially as I’m heading off to Australia for a while and will be on the move a bit. I’m doing a house swap with friends for two months and am really looking forward to it. 

Although I am leaving the Minervois behind at my very favourite time of year – autumn/vendange. Only yesterday I saw the first of the tractors with trailers with a tail-back of cars behind it, laden with white grapes. I’d heard that it was going to be an early harvest this year. Nicky and Alan (my friends who will be staying here) will need to be prepared to be held up on the roads for at least the next couple of weeks.

So if you’re interested in following the new format of Bize Bytes, it can be found here:

Bize Bytes on Google+ 

I’ve decided to revert back to this Blog format – which now appears will automatically update Google+ anyway.  So in effect, I’ll be posting here intially and it will be synched to Google+. Yes, I’m obviously a little confused, but seems I’m back to where I started ……

I’ll be copying Google+ posts from the previous year (with the date of their originally posting) to bring this blog up to date. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Debra,
I hope you had a great trip?
I'm coming out for a week 13th -20th Oct so hopefully will see you then.
Fiona Drummond

Moving sideways

Future posts on Bize-Bytes can now be found on Facebook. Link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bize-Bytes/895137113876897