29 Aug 2012

A Gourmet Walk At Fleury D’aude

Each year a ‘wine and food walk’ is held - Les Sentiers Gourmands en Clape Vigneronne and a group of us got together back in May. Given that we had to pay in advance, the fact that it had been raining for two days and was continuing, we turned up on the morning. And the rain stopped.

The walk is about 6 km long and starts from a wine cave in Fleury.

We’re given a straw hat, and a pouch to hang around our necks for our wine glass, cutlery and a booklet describing the wines and food at each of the six stops.

What a great day …. food was delicious, so was the wine, and a walk in the ‘Clape’ region was a new one for me. And we got to see a man and his horse, ploughing between the vines in the traditional way.

So all in all a very good day. The menu was this:
Creamy cauliflower with shrimp coulis - Egg cake with mushrooms, meat juice vinaigrette, arugula and olive oil - Salmon mi-cuit, broad beans, ham and fresh black basil - Caramelized belly pork with sage jus, potatoes and red onion - Franceline with duck fat - Cheese - Salted butter shortbread, white chocolate ganache, raspberry and pistachio - Coffee
And delicious wines from 6 different wine producers at each course – with a selection of sweet wines  at the final stop. I’m not sure the 6 kms would have walked it off …..

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