25 Nov 2012

Village meal

I hadn’t been to one of the village meals for quite some time, so on Saturday went along with a few friends.

When we saw the guitarist from the live music group that was playing throughout the afternoon, we thought we were in for a bit of a treat with some rock ‘n’ roll! But no, it was the usual keyboard and accordian music. And of course, everyone seemed to like it – it certainly got all the dancers up on the floor between courses.

An added bonus was that one of the waiters was apparently multi-talented, and put on an impromptu magic show.

Food as usual was plentiful and just delicious. And when you consider that for €18, we had aperatifs (Kir), a buffet starter course, a trou normandebetween courses (palette cleanser/sorbet/digestive – in this case, some sort of eau de vie flavoured with sugar and lime juice and zest - delicious) …… main course of coq au vin, a cheese course and then dessert. Continuous supply of bottles of red, rose and white wine. And with dessert, blanquette (the champagne of the region). And then deargod if you could fit it in, coffee.

Bonnie and Terry

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