22 Nov 2012

Château de Sériège

More autumn photos of another walk a few days ago – it was just such a stunning afternoon. Not a breath of wind and a walk in one of my favourite places – Sériège near Cruzy.

There’s an interesting history to the Château de Sériège. The family Andoque has at least 15 generations (since 1553). The Château was build in 1884, was never completed and has never been lived in. The family however are still producing wine on the estate.

The walk took us through the vines and along stretches of the Canal du Midi. Given that there was not a breath of wind, the Canal was like a mirror – just gorgeous.

We also came across some truffle oaks that were protected with a wire fence and various warning signs, including strychnine – whether just a warning or whether there’s actual poison there, I’m not sure. But it’s known to be laid in baits to deter truffle thieves with dogs!!

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