13 Dec 2013


I had a little visitor this morning – I spotted  running across the rug. I thought it was a mouse, but it turns out it’s a shrew. First one I’ve seen – and it’s not a rodent at all. He (she?) had rather sharp teeth, which I found out the hard way. I put him in a pot, before letting him go in the garden, and got bitten for my troubles! Cute as a button though. 

I know nothing about shrews, but have just read they need to eat every couple of hours or they’ll die – and this little guy immediately got stuck into an old squashed snail – not worried that I was right there taking photos. So I gave him a treat and found him a fresh one. He nearly devoured in just a few minutes. 

I suspect I brought him inside last night in a bucket full of kindling, so I imagine he was starving this morning. Maybe it was a mistake releasing him into the garden instead of somewhere further away – he may become a regular visitor…

Top left hand corner - the walnut I offered him! Not touched - he much preferred the snail.

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