17 Apr 2014

Bize Patrimoine does it again ….

Tuesday’s walk was in two parts – first to visit the site of a dolmen which has been recently cleared by the Bize Patrimoine. It’s called la Mère de Dieu (Mother of God). Looking for more information about this particular dolmen, I came across this comprehensive English-language site – seems there’s a lot more of them in the region to be visited.

We then drove to the second stage – a long and hot walk up and down the gorges of Les Causses. In fact the exact same walk we did a year ago when someone fainted. And I reckon I wasn’t that far off – I’ve decided no more hot afternoon walks for me. Though we’ll be starting morning walks soon, followed by picnic lunches. But again, we were rewarded at the end of this walk by wine tasting at the Domaine Marcon in the hamlet of Barroubio (St Jean de Minervois) and I bought a couple of bottles of their highly rated sweet muscat. Before coming to France, I couldn’t abide sweet wine at all, but have certainly developed a taste for this local sweet muscat as an aperitif. 

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