25 Jul 2014

Lunch at the salt pans

I had a friend plus four old work acquaintances here in May for 12 days - four of them were new to the region, so we covered all the usual interesting places. 

One place I hadn't been to before was the restaurant next to the Salt Museum at Gruissan – La Cambuse du Saunier. Between us, we had a delicious selection of seafood. Not surprisingly, some of the specialities of the house are fish, chicken or duck cooked encrusted in salt.  I think they will need to be tried another day…...

Salt encrusted chicken. While no one had this on the day, we saw someone else's lunch being served as the staff remove the salt and prepare it at the front counter.

And a few photos from some of our other 'out and about' days:

Tromp l'oeil at Agde
The oyster beds at Bouzigues
Picnic on the river bed at Roquebrun
Sunday markets at St Chinian

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