5 Aug 2014

Ceret Cherry Festival

I finally managed to get to the Cherry Festival in Ceret in May – south-west of Perpignan down towards the Spanish border. When part of the previous group went back to Australia, my friend Sylvia stayed on and we had a few days to get out and about.
I have no idea what was going on with my satnav but we ended up getting there after lots of back-tracking via a rather convoluted routes, and a very long time! I finally resorted to using Google maps on my phone which I’m reluctant to do as I have a pay as you go plan that costs an arm and a leg for data (I hardly use it as a phone!). And it got us there.

What a pretty town and it was understandably bursting at the seams when we arrived. And there were still plenty of cherries to be had.

As we were quite close to the sea, we drove home via Banyuls Sur Mer, just south of Collioure. A decadent ice cream followed by nice coffee at a little café overlooking the pebbled beach. It was a relatively deserted beach that afternoon, being off-peak season, but I imagine it’s wall to wall at the height of summer.

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