24 Aug 2014

Airlie Beach

I had a quick and quite unexpected trip back to Australia in June. Paul and Amanda brought their wedding date forward as he’s been transferred to the US for work and they’re now settled in Houston!

So a quick turnaround (on the plane the day after getting back from Norway) and four flights later, I arrived in Mackay. 

One overnighter in Mackay, then a drive north to Airlie Beach where we (the bride and groom and the two mums) had two days of luxury in a beautiful resort. 

A complete package where everything was arranged by the resort. It was such a happy occasion and a great way to have a wedding at short notice – no stress, some pampering, and very relaxing.  

As I didn't have long to have to think about what to wear (picked up something at the Olonzac market in about 5 minutes!) – there was very little stress on my part, apart from the rush to get there.

Airlie Beach is the gateway to the Whitsunday Islands and even though it’s quite the tourist attraction, it has a laid back north Queensland feel to it. 

Main Street Airlie Beach
Saturday morning markets at the beach
View from the resort

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