24 Aug 2014

Fortified Mill at Canet d'Aude

Normally our end of year walking group picnic is held up in the Black Mountains, beyond St Pons. This year they chose a different venue, closer to home – just near Canet d’Aude. 

The weather was looking a bit suspect when we arrived, but we all set off on our pre-lunch walk. We arrived at the ruins of an old mill on the river Aude. 

It’s on private property but the organisers had obtained permission from the owners for us to visit. 

No Health & Safety rules and regulations here – it’s just a matter of watching where you walked and don’t get too close to the edge.

The mill itself had been built on the base of an old fort which dates from the 12th century. Arrow slits in the walls still remain.

The skies were getting darker at this stage, and just as we arrived back at the picnic area, heavy rain started and we all had to sit in our cars for a time. 

There was quite a bit of debate going on as to whether we should abandon the outdoors and take everything back to the Salle des FĂȘtes in Bize!  

But the consensus was to wait – and it was a good decision as things cleared up and we even ended up with sunshine. 

Just as well, re-transporting 50 kilograms of mussels, huge amounts of sausages AND the cooking gear would have been a little daunting.  As is usual with these events, there was sooo much food and wine to be had, but a fitting end to our walking group outings before the summer break.

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