1 Sept 2014

Canoeing on the Orb

Last week Bonnie and I decided to do a canoe trip down the Orb River. We’d been talking about it for some time and decided to wait until most of the holiday makers were gone, but while it was still warm enough. What a fun day it was! The canoe hire is at Roquebrun – there are various lengths of the river you can choose – we went for 10 kms which was just about right for us. The river was quite low and we did manage to get ourselves stuck on the rocks a few times – one time a bit more spectacularly than the others.

In this case, there was a photographer from the canoe company on the river bank who first took our photo of us wedged on the rock – and then helped drag us off. The few other times we got stuck, we managed to free ourselves and continue on. Only one of us fell out completely – it was me…..

It was about three hours, with a stop for lunch about half way down. There’s a waterproof barrel that’s strapped in the back of the canoe for towels, lunch and cameras etc.

A touch of the sun, sore arms – and a great day out. 

Hardly a fashion statement, but those €1 pink floral waterproof shoes I bought at a vide-grenier came in handy.
Lunch stop / time for a swim

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