18 Jul 2007

14th of July in Bize Minervois

The River Cesse in Bize certainly plays a large part in the activities of the village. Last weekend of course was the 14th July celebrations and kicked off on Friday night with a demonstration of motocross / dirt bike riding. A large mound of gravel was built on the dry part of the river bed, behind the dam wall of the pool. Run-up tracks were laid down, starting under the bridge and a launch ramp was put in place.
A big crowd from the region seemed to have descended on the town for the event, and they put on a good show. I think the riders are all pretty young – possibly some are the same little sods who are putting in some practise hours around the village late at night lately!

’s house is on the other side of the river and a perfect viewing spot for a few pre-fireworks drinks and some food, and apparently she does this every year. Again, the village is full of people – and when it’s dark, there’s a traditional parade of the kids with their lanterns, down along the river bed.
And then followed by fireworks …

Barn renovations:
An update : I met with the architect at his place in Roubia last week, to sign some papers. What I didn’t realise until I got there was that all the ‘artisans’ would be there – the plumber, the air conditioning man, the tiler, the builder and the electrician. And we all sat around the table, much paperwork and many stamps were produced, and there was much signing to be done by all parties. A new experience for me indeed. However, not everyone was present – the plasterer had forgotten the appointment, and the carpenter was unavoidably delayed! – so their bits will have to be dealt with by mail.
But the bottom line is that things will start happening mid-September! I must remember to take many before and after photos ……something to look forward to…

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