13 Oct 2007

Freddie the Wonder Dog & Rugby

A quick post before the big game of rugby this evening (France v. England) - tomorrow I may be despondent if my team doesn’t win.
The builders have brought their dog to work these last few days.…. I called him ‘Fanny the Wonder Dog’ before he cocked his leg on my pot plants this morning, and the owner (one of the builders) told me he was ‘un garçon’…. In fact his name is Ouky and he seems to be shared by the two workers. I was taken outside to see the decals on the front and doors of their work truck – of themselves and Ouky!
But today Steve, Anita and I were in fits of laughter at the kitchen window (one of his owners in the background) –

he’s been painted in the French colours ready for the big match ……
Anita and Steve headed off today – a few days more sightseeing on the way to Nice and their flight home. The last of my visitors for the year - it's been really lovely having so many people come and stay and see where I've made my new home.
We had a beaut day in Guissan, Guissan Plage and Narbonne yesterday. They got to share one of their favourite desserts - crème brûlée – and afterwards wished they’d bought one each!

And to finish with a rugby theme – another interesting garlic creation in the supermarket in a nearby village:

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